Server Manager Tool

Use The GnBots Server Manager To Connect To Your Bot Server

You can download our GnBots Server Manager to easily connect to your Bot Server. 

Download Here 


The ServerManager.exe will automatically extract the GnBots Server Manager either to a custom location on your PC or to your Desktop (which is selected by default)


Open The ServerManager Folder and select the ServerManager.exe.


Tap the + in the top left corner to add the Server Login Details.



Enter your login details sent to your email after your purchase or available at My Subscriptions:

  1. Name: Enter The Name You Want For Your Server
  2. Server: Enter Your Server IP (ex
  3. Username: Enter Your Server Username (ex Gnbots1)
  4. Password: Enter Your Server Password (ex AbCdEfGhIjK)
  5. Click Add



Your Server will appear on the Server List. Double Click it to Connect and right click for Options. 


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