UnZipping GnBots

Zipping allows multiple files to be packaged into a single small bundle. The GnBots comes as a zipped download and must be unzipped onto your PC before starting.  You cannot run the bot while in a zipped format.  Read below to learn how to unzip or "extract" zipped files.



Windows Default Program

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Double-click the .zip file. On an XP or newer systems, your Windows machine has a built-in extractor program. Double-clicking the zipped (.zip) file will open the built-in system. Alternatively you can right click on the zipped file and select "Extract all". This will also open the built-in extractor program
  • You may also use this right-click method to unzip using an extractor program other than the default one by selecting "open with" and choosing from the your list of downloaded programs

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Select a destination file. Use the "browse button" to select where you want your newly extracted files to go.


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Hit "Extract". Once you have chosen your files and their destination, hit the "Extract" button.
Find your files. Go to the new GnBots folder you specified in the last step and retrieve your now unzipped files.

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Download and install WinZip. Go to WinZip.com and download the Winzip software. Install the WinZip software.

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Open WinZip. Double click on the WinZip file icon. A box will appear asking if you understand the terms and conditions, click agree.


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Select your files. Using winzip select all of the .zip files you want extracted to a normal file.


Image titled Unzip a File Step 10



Press the "Unzip" button at the top. Another window will appear, in this window choose the folder you want to put the files in, and press unzip.


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Find your files. Go to your new GnBots folder and run the bot.

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