Installing GnBots 5 on PC

How to Install GnBots on Your Computer


Click Here to Download GnBots 5 on PC (Windows 7 or Higher)

Tip: If the download doesn't work, your Anti Virus or Windows Defender may be blocking it or you are not on a Windows PC. For MAC, Android or iOS - View the Bot Server Guide Instead

Once the download finishes, open the Zip file and extract all to your PC Desktop.

Check out how to properly unzip the bot if needed.


How to Start the Bot

Open the GnBots Folder and run the GnBots.exe


You will now see a Setup Wizard.


Here you can select which game you play. This can be edited at any time inside the bot as well.


You can now download and install the Emulator of your choice.

Click Here to Download MEmu

Click Here to Download NOX


You will also see where you can Register your License Key or choose to Activate Free Trial.

You can access this license key dialog at any time by going to Settings - License.


How to Add Accounts to the Emulator

Go to your PC desktop and open the Emulators Instance Manager. This is where you will create and manage all of your accounts. Click New and Select Android 7.1

Tip: (GnBots v1-4 Users) While your old instances should work with the new GnBots 5, we recommend that you create new instances for best performance.

You have now created 1 Farm Account.

You will need to repeat this process for each farm account you have.

Each instance represents 1 phone. If you have 10 instances, that's like having 10 phones and each one will have a separate game Account on them.

Click the small square pencil to the right of your account to Rename It.

Type a Name and only use A-Z and 0-9. (No Special Characters).

Each Instance Name must be different (Don't use the same names).

Press the Start button next to the instance.

Open Play Store inside the emulator and Add the Google Account of your choice. Either an account associated to your game account or any account of your choice if you have your Farm bound to Facebook/another in game binding (Like IM30/Kingsgroup etc).


How to Add Accounts to the Bot


Go to Overview - Accounts to add your accounts to the bot.

Use the Add a New Account button to add a new account 

Tap the Gear icon to open the Action Editor.


Here you can select:

1. Which game you want activated
2. Which emulator to use for this account
3. Enable actions and adjust their settings
4. Adjust the special functions (only applicable at some of the games)

Once you have made your selection, close the window by tapping the X in the top right corner.

Tip: Check out the "Running Unlimited Accounts" guide for more advanced settings.

Adjust Settings & Download Game

Go Back to the Accounts Tab


Here you can:

1. Enter a Default Name of your account.

2. Turn the bot On/Off for the account selected

3. Run a Healthcheck to fix the emulator settings (Recommended)

4. Use our App Installer to download the correct version of the game 

5. Edit the action you want the bot to perform.

6. Delete the account (This will not delete the actual emulator)

Once you have completed the healthcheck and installed the game can you go ahead and login to your own game account inside the emulator. You can also repeat this process and add as many accounts as you wish. 

After clicking Start, the pc software will open Account 1, perform the actions, close Account 1, and open Account 2, it will then repeat this process through all of your accounts.

By increasing Accounts Running at Once, you are telling the script to increase this process.

For example, 1 Account at Once can rotate through 300+ game accounts.  If you increase Account at Once to 2, you are telling the macro to rotate through 300 accounts with 2 open at the same time.

So 2 Account at Once, each doing 150 accounts.

We recommend using 1 Account at Once per 20 accounts, with 4 being the max recommended. "Accounts At Once" can be adjusted under Settings

Tip: Check out the "Copy Actions & Default Settings" guide for more advanced settings.

When you got it all setup Tap the Start button and you are ready to start botting.

Be sure to read these other helpful guides that will improve your botting experience!



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