GnTool Auto Server Restarter

How to Use the GnTool

The GnTool will help keep your Bot Server stable. It is designed to restart the bot completely every X minutes. The last account and action get saved, so it will continue where it stopped. This will avoid any errors caused by MEmu and will help to free up your system resources and avoid crashes.

Download the GnTool


Restart in Every: Enter the time how often the bot should get restarted

Waiting Time: How long the GnTool waits till it starts the bot again

We recommend at least 60 seconds


You can create a Support Ticket from the GnTool for when you get issues with the Bot, MEmu or your Server.


You can Auto Restart the Bot for when the Bot Server gets an unexpected restart. The bot will then start the bot automatically after the restart. You will need to input your server username and password and select Enable. If you wish to stop auto restarts, select Disable.



At the next Restart of the server will the Security be disabled and the bot will start automatically. 



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