Game App Installer

How to Install the Game

In order for the bot to work correctly, you MUST use our built in Game Installer to install the game AND NOT FROM THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

Often the games update and change images.  We do our best to update quickly after, but the bot will not work correctly if you install a different game version that the bot is using.

90% of our bug reports come from users who are running a different game version than the bot.

Follow this guide to ensure you have the correct game version so the bot runs properly!

Use the Puzzle Icon to update/install the game and also hold the mouse pointer on top to display currently installed version and our server version.  


You're able to select multiple accounts where you want to run the installer with the following steps.

1. Right Click and Select All OR click on the left of the Account Name to select each one individually.
2. Right Click and Select "Install Apps (Experimental)"
3. Confirm that you want to proceed with the process.
4. Wait for the Game App to install (Monitor the lower left corner dialog for progress).

Be sure to read these other helpful guides that will improve your botting experience!


  • where can i found newest:

    for download it?


  • Please follow the instructions above which show how to use the internal game installer.

    There is no separate game installer for download.


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