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Please Submit a Panel Request to have the panel added for your server. 


This is a guide on how to use the Bot Server Web Panel, which is a tool that you can use to monitor your Bot Server via the web. To make adjustments to the bot, you will need to connect to the server.  This is for monitoring only and changes cannot be made via the panel. You can you view the bot server guide for the initial setup and management of your Bot Server.


How to Connect to the Web Panel

At purchase of the Bot Server will you receive an IP and a Password to your server. These details are also the ones used for the Bot Server Web Panel, however your IP will be used as the Username.


Username: Server IP
Password: Server Password

You can access the Web Panel via this link. Please Submit a Panel Request to have the panel added for your server. 



How to Control the Web Panel

When you have logged in will you see the overview page where you can start your bot at the server. You start the bot by tapping the blue button saying EXE. 1


Once you tapped it will it show Running. You can then select the IP to control that server. You can see the Status of the active Sessions and Start/Stop the bot and also edit the key you want activated and the amount of Accounts running at Once (Sessions).


The Panel will display some information about what action is currently running and display screenshots from your active account. 



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