Anti-Ban Tool

GnBots Anti-Ban Tool allows you to add an extra layer of protection to your MEmu Instances during the creation of them, to make them even more human-like then the bot already do. The tool can be downloaded here!

PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS TOOL with Evony: The King's Return and King of Avalon

Once you have downloaded the Anti-Ban Tool unzip it at your preferred location on your device and Start it. 


Here you will be able to see a list of all your instances from your Multi-Memu and select which instance you want the tool to install at. The process is automatic and will install and activate all the needed features. You can select if you want to do one account at a time, or use the Multi Antiban button and install at all your instances in the list. 



1. This button will refresh the list from your Multiple Instance Manager and display the newly added instances or remove instances that you have deleted from the list. 

2. Antiban button will install the tool at the instance selected in the list above (blue marked)

3. Multi Antiban will automatically install the tool at all instances one by one. This process can take some time, but it will perform all that's needed and then automatically setup the features on your MEmu accounts. Once it's completed will you see a notification and the MEmu instances will be closed.


VPN Option

The tool will also additionally provide you with a free VPN solution. This gets installed during the process and is optional to use. The VPN we install is named VPN and provide a free trial. You can use this VPN to get a new IP address for each newly added account for extra safety during your setup process. 


Open the VPN using the VPN-app inside MEmu.



Activate the Free Trial using the Free Trial Button.


Use the Enable VPN-button to start the VPN service. Once it's connected can you continue to setup your game. 

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