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[Evony TKR] Monster Search

I just had an idea, I know that there is already an action to kill monsters. But I was thinking that we could add a similar version but with only the location of the monsters and the sharing for the alliance.
That's a lot in games. Players search for monsters, share the location, and more powerful players execute them.

So we can keep exactly the same function as the MONSTER HUNTER action but instead of attacking, just sharing the position. And instead of choosing the number of walks to launch, choose the number of monsters to share.




  • Will working on it and should be added in a few days

  • Hello, I have just seen that the action has been added today and I am very happy and congratulate you for your work.

    Unfortunately it does not work properly lol, it bugs, it attacks the boss and then tries to share and it creates a conflict please look at the log

    Thanks again for your work.

  • No, im sorry for the issue here, i was releasing the wrong script.

    will push now the fix and check it.

  • Hello, the search system with different levels is not working properly. Can you replace it with a monster power limit. For example minimum search 10m power and maximum search 76.2m power. I think this solution is good for monster Hunter action too


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