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[Evony TKR] No Ghost Rallies

Would like to see an option integrated into bot that allows it to only join 5 min monster rallies. As of now it will join 60 min ghost rallies which has proven to be a hassel. Thank you


  • Hello,
    Welcome, Don't forget to vote for the request to be taken into account.
    I also made a request for action, could you vote for me please, would do it in return, your request is interesting.

  • Done! Thank you Gokan!

  • There is already a option to set the desired time for the rally

  • Yes it is true but it works backwards. If we select 5 minutes in the software. It will only join rallies that have more than 5 minutes. We are forced to put 0 minutes in the software so that they join the boss rally at 5 minutes otherwise it does not work. And in these parameters, it will join all rallies of 5,10,30,60 minutes
    You need to improve this minutes selection and put 4 option as for troop preset selection

  • There is no option to "set" the desired time for rallies. However, there is an option that allows you to join rallies higher than x amount of minutes. In order to not join 60 min ghost rallies I'd have to input 60mins into action, thus, not being able to join the regular 5min rallies aswell.

  • Understand and added. Restart the bot.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the options but can you let us know how it all works.

    I tried with the setting at 5 minutes to join monster rallies the software tells me: Time for rally is to high
    I tried 10 minutes, same thing, so I finally turned it off. and it works again.

    We need information on how to set up to join the 5 minute monster rallies and how to set up not to join the 60 minute Ghost rallies.

    Thank you very much for your work.

  • Thank you for a speedy response to the issue!

  • Yes it should be fixed.


    The new MaxTimeSetting is what i understand the same what you requested.


    RallyTime: 2 (2minutes)
    RallyMaxTimeLimit: 30min

    It will only join rallies where the time is not smaller than 2mins and not higher than 30mins.

    You also have the option to turn off the "MaxTimeSetting"

  • Hello.
    If we use for example 0.1 in the Rally Time setting the bot will understand that it means 0 minutes and 10 seconds? Or does it only manage minutes?

  • yes, will work with 0.1

  • Hello.
    I noticed that the system has completely changed. Now the bot only takes into account the ministor's composition of the rally. That is to say 5, 10,30,60 minutes. And no longer takes into account the time needed to join the rally. Before it operated on the time needed to join the rally. Can you assemble these 2 functions. Because the players do 5-minute rallies but they are far away. Because example it takes 15 minutes to reach the rally and the bot does not take This parameter takes into account. He still joins the rally because it's a 5-minute rally. Before he didn't do that. Must include the 2 parameters for the bot. 1 is the composition timer of the rally and 2 the minitter to join the rally


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