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Start GnBots Automatically


I would like to be able to start GN Bots automatically when my PC boots into windows. My computer does windows updates etc. ocassionally and want the bot to auto-restart on system load rather than waiting for me to notice it has stopped.

Is there a CMD line command for starting the program and auto-starting a selected profile for farming?


Start C:\Program Files (x86)\GnBots\GnBots.exe /Profile "Profile1"

So that would load the program and start running the selected profile?



  • this does not seem to work on my system.  Has something changed?

  • I need this function too. Is IT possible to run automatically, on Windows start?

  • I am thinking you can have it start with windows task scheduler, then use a macro program such as Pulovers to click the play button.  Just my 2 cents, I haven't set this up myself yet, however I may in the future.  I know for sure that task scheduler can at least open it after startup.


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