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MEmu Version

HI, do you need to change its memu version? I am currently at version 

This is done all by itself, I have to use version



  • Memu make a lot of background changes between versions so that is why we have one well tested and functional memu version that we provide and recommend. It is recommended to install our recommended MEmu version instead which you can find here! 

    You can overwrite your current memu version with our recommended memu version without uninstalling your previous version. During the installation will you have an option to keep your backed up data, so the instances will remain. Please verify that this is selected. It's also always recommended to make a backup of your memu instances by using the Export function built into Multi-Memu.

  • Hello, I’m sorry I was wrong. I wanted to say that I am at version of Nox. I was at the correct version of nox but I don’t know how to get back to the correct version, the change was done all by itself.

  • Yes, Nox in particular have big issues with the latest version. You can download our nox version here and replace it the same way. Just make sure you read the options in the installation and reach out to us if you run into any issues. 


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