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Emulator Game App Updates

Would be awesome if you could add a feature that batch updates the game files in emulators. Rather than us having to go through each one individually. Some of us have a lot of farms and it takes a fair amount of time to sit at the desk, updating them 1 by 1.



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    This feature is already built into the bot if you use our built in App Installer. Please check out that guide and contact us if you got any questions regarding this! 

  • I'm aware of the app installer which is in place - but as far as I'm aware, that is a per instance installer. 

    Is there a way to press an update all button, which then cycles through all of the instances and updates them all?



  • Please click on the link for App Installer, it will give instructions on how to do Batch install to update the game apk.

  • You're able to select multiple accounts where you want to run the installer with the following steps.

    1. Right Click and Select All OR click on the left of the Account Name to select each one individually.
    2. Right Click and Select "Install Apps (Experimental)"
    3. Confirm that you want to proceed with the process.
    4. Wait for the Game App to install (Monitor the lower left corner dialog for progress).

  • thank you


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