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PC System Requirements

What PC / laptop system requirements do I need to run the bot with many accounts at the same time? I am considering buying a new PC/laptop and would like to use the bot reliably and often.


  • i currently have a Dell t7810 with Dual E5-2678 v3 12 cores each and 256 GB of RAM. I run bot with 10 accounts at a time with no issues. Each VM has 2 cores and 16 GB RAM allocated. My bottleneck is the HDD which I'm upgrading. My setup may be overkill, but the computer cost was unbeatable.

  • I'm currently looking for something as well. I saw that Dell, it has a really nice CPU, what about the GPU that would be suitable for that sort of accounts amount at the same time?

    So, do we focus more on the CPU rather than GPU? thought it was more about the visuals tbh 

  • CPU, Ram, SSD or M.2 GPU cheap.

  • I run a I7 CPU, 32gb Ram, 1tb m.2, and a Gpu 12gb 3060 the GPU is over kill for boting but it's my first build I have done


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