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[Star Trek Fleet Command] - Gathering Revamp

This could be a real pain, in the you know what to do, but I'm ganna ask anyways.


I would like to suggest that instead of changing the existing bots ability to go to specific coordinates that the entire system be revamped to the parameters of targeting hostiles.


You would simply use the images of all the different kinds of mines and use the hostiles script to target those images of empty mines so that even if the node is full it will search for X ammount of time and then it could even be set to go to a different system if x amount of time searching has failed. It would be almost full proof mining. I'm pretty sure it would be a hit if it worked even a quarter as good as hostiles.


IE modify the hostiles script so that it works for mining so no more coordinates have to be entered in and no more ships have to go to mines that are already occupied.


It's a big ask because there are a lot of different mines and they change in size as they are depleted. I have no doubt in my mind this would take some time and effort to accomplish but I think it would be worth it because i hate mining lol. I hope someone will at least think it over instead of just dismissing it.


-Your friend,

The Paying Customer.




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