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[Clash Of Kings] Many Additions

add a feature to auto-join rallies with a feature only join rallies that are super campsite, griffan knight, or castle battle.

under gather resources add wonder treasure as its a resource to gather that the bots currently cannot 

under shield city, add a feature to enable shield as soon a scout or attack is detected so before the attack reaches you it enables the shield (note attacks can get to you within like 2 seconds so this may be hard to introduce)

under alliance help, add a feature that opens chat and helps anyone that is doing the praying in gods favor event

under alliance help, add a feature that attacks alliance boss

add a feature to auto-do hero trials and hero awakening trail

add a feature so you can set it to use the first X number of abilitys under the first save in fast use

add a build traps feature (can be under train troops)

add a feature to do the caravan event with the option of 240 gold or 20 gold 

add a auto-complete lord trail event 

add an auto do daily quest option (also auto claim rewards from daily quest)

add an auto-night battle option (eternal night battle chess, its not real chess and you can use the same set up everytime so would be possible for a bot to do)




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