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[Evony TKR] Alliance Relics


Thank you for your work, I try to find ideas to improve the bot as much as possible and make it really complete.

I noticed that this alliance relic option was missing.
I will accompany it with photos because there are 3 different actions in the same one.

The first would be to open Relic Chamber in the green frame with number 1 on the picture. Once opened we have bricks and pickaxes to earn by collecting relics that we can use to earn rewards.

Secondly, Red frame number 2 on the photo. The possibility of opening a new relic, knowing that you can only open one with several different levels. Level 1 . 2 .3 .4 . 5 . 20

Third and last, Blue frame number 3 on the photo. Join the relics already opened by the other members of the alliance. exactly the same as to collect a classic resource point




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