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[Evony: TKR] Champion

As it stands now the bot will click the greet selection that can be done 2x a day, but i would like to add where it clicks the champion 3x as this "empowers" giving loyalty that is currently being missed using the bot.



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    Yes we can add it, but do us a favor and send us a screenshot in case we cannot find the correct spot you mentioned. *you can upload this screenshot here

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  • anywhere on the body of the champ should work but as you can see clicking on the body gives 3 more times to increase

  • The Greet and empower actions can both be done per champion per day if you have multiple champions unlocked. 

  • Agree with Luke,  if this could be modified to click the right gold arrow about halfway down the screen and repeat action if there is a 2nd or more champions, it would be helpful.


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