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[Evony: TKR] Vikings

Right now, setting the bot to find Vikings on the map does not result in any Viking attacks. It identifies Vikings on the map, but it sometimes finds ones that are not eligible for attack (because whoever summoned them did not hit "ask for help") or it identifies one but does not actually get to the screen to select troops and launch the rally.

First off, can that behavior be fixed so that it actually launches the rallies?

Second, instead of searching the map, would it be possible to use the list in the Alliance Challenge? Each Viking for which an alliance member has asked for help is listed with a help button that takes the screen straight to that Viking's location on the map. It would massively cut down on the time spent searching the map.




  • Official comment

    Yes, thank you for the idea, we added it as a new action called "Viking Alliance"

  • Would it be possible to add parameters so that it only attacks Vikings within a certain range of levels? It would be great to set the bot accounts to run rallies against Hard lv1-10, all Normal, and all Easy, so that the alliance more quickly gets to the levels for individual members to rally.


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