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Parent/Child Instance Settings

Let's say I have a profile with 20 instances. 
Those instances are running 4 different variations of settings so there's 5 instances running on each different actions setting profile. 

It would be convenient to be able to set a master settings that I can apply to all instances (this would consolidate all of the action steps that are consistent across all of the instances and create a joined priority que that runs through master settings and individual instance settings. 

Why would this be needed?
Oftentimes, when I have to adjust one setting, I have to then propagate that change to 4 master instances, and propagate those changes from the 4 master instances to each individual instance that belongs to one of the four types. This would drastically cut down on this step as I would be able to change the Master settings without adjusting the individual settings.

The reason I cannot propagate these changes from one master instance to all 20 is that they run 4 slightly different variations of settings so it would mess all of those up. 

Why am I changing settings often? 
I currently run 80+ farms and looking to add more. In order to maintain proper timing, I have to adjust and fine-tune steps as I add instances (which would extend the time and decrease efficiency). Fine-tuning those steps without affecting the gathering would be advantages to everyone. 

Please let me know feedback.



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  • In Addition, this is how I envision it can be solved: (Copy pasted from email I sent)

    One of the main user actions in this bot is the re-adjustment of settings however when you run a large farm federation with many different types of farms, it becomes a daily chore trying to update everyone's settings.

    Currently, I have 4 master profiles that I adjust and propagate settings down to the other farms that utilize the same profiles.

    What would be ideal: Having another option to apply bot settings. 
    Imagine if users had the ability to group up instances into categories. You select the instances that you want. Select Instances -> Right Click -> Create Group -> Enter Group Name.

    Then you could apply settings to an entire group without having to click through every instance, every single time. I end up doing this multiple times per week and it would be a huge time save. 

    For me, It would be ideal to have these types of groups (specific to my game): Food, Oil, Steel, Minerals, Train Troops (some of the instances don't need to trian troops so its a hassle to mass change those instances because then I have to go back 1-by-1 and add "train troops"), etc....


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