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[Evony TKR] Viking Alliance Filter

Thanks for adding the Viking Alliance action.

Would it be possible to allow some filtering on it? Ideally, for each of the three difficulty levels of Vikings, allow specification of a range of levels to attack, and whether to prioritize the lowest or highest in that range.

Even better would be the ability to check the alliance rally list so that the bot does not launch a rally against a Viking that already has a rally in progress to attack it.

For example, if my alt accounts that are being managed by the bot only have enough power to attack the first 10 hard level Vikings, I would want them to regularly check the list and only rally Vikings at or below lv 10, so that more powerful alliance members don't have to waste time helping on those lower level Vikings. If multiple alts being managed by the bot are doing this simultaneously, it does me no good if they all start rallies against the same Viking from the list, which is where checking the list comes in. Alternately, assigning each account to prioritize a different way can divide the labor so that they do not pick the same next Viking from the list.

Similarly, could there be a filter added to the regular Viking action? It would be great to be able to have it launch its own rally up to some level, then merely ask for help for the higher levels.



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  • I like this idea. Also a selection based on power instead of specific level could be applied across the viking difficulties.


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