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[Evony: TKR] Hunting Filter

Currently there is a single max level setting, if I set it to 2 or higher, and select "junior Cerebus" it will also attack medium Cerebus and (depending on the value) senior Cerebus. Similarly for other event monsters for whom the levels reset at one.

If I do _not_ set the max level setting high, then even with Kamaitachi checked, which only *has* one level, it will not attack them.

The march preset I have configured can handle non-boss monsters from levels 1-40. It can handle normal (non-event) boss monsters through level 12. And it can handle event bosses, depending on the event boss in question, somewhere between levels 1 and 3. As a result I cannot configure it to attack both hydra (Monday/Tuesday) and ymir (Thursday/Friday) without adjusting the level in between. In either case if I do so, I give up on normal bosses and non-bosses.

Rather than a check box, I really need a level per boss that if not set to zero means "attack this boss up to this level."




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    i understand i will add a new script for it. like "Advanced Monster Hunt"

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