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[Evony:TKR] More Control for Speedups

Right now, for both research and construction, there is a "use speedups" checkbox. As best I can tell, the behavior of this is that if there is currently capacity to build/research something, if the box is checked, it will start the construction/research, then immediately speed it to completion. If there is not capacity (because there are builds/research underway), it does not even start the new task.

Can we get more fine control over this?

First off, for construction, can there be an action to spend gems to buy an extra construction slot? There is a maximum of three, and right now the only way to make sure to keep renewing them is to manually spend on them. It's the hammer icon on the left when in city view.

Then, for both research and construction, there should be two different options for using speedups. One should be to use speedups to finish a task already underway to make a slot available for a new task. The second should be to use speedups to finish the task that was just started right away. The behavior I'd like to be able to achieve is to check the first box, not the second, so that a build or research can be started, then allowed to run until the next time the bot tries to start a build or research, letting the clock run (and alliance members to provide help), then speeding it to completion when it's ready to start another build or research.



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  • At a minimum, speedups should only be used when starting this task and last building or research should be left running until next time action is called. Right now it wastes speedups and is not consistent with human behavior. An iteration would be nice to loop through a set number of current action before moving to next action. 


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