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Save Configurations

I would like to suggest that you consider an idea.
Save the configuration of the bot's tasks to be able to save, modify and maybe import it as needed.
This would make the bot even more flexible and perhaps allow the exchange of ideas
and configurations on the forum that would make its use (and your users happier)
even more effective.

Best regards and I wish you a good job.

If then the configuration file was in text format directly editable (for example xml or other), It would be easy for the community to edit with any text editor. This would make the creation of bots more flexible and more complex.

Thank you.



  • this is awesome but still we can't import/export the configurations of the actions from 1 computer to another if its needed. we can unbind the serial to change it for another conputer but we can't export the configs to new conputer and have to create and edit all them again

  • What you can do to save the configuration of your actions is to save the Profiles folder that is located inside the GnBots folder. In that folder can you find all your different Profiles, and can save all or some of them from one PC to another. 


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