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[Evony TKR] Garuda Event

The Garuda event runs every Thursday-Friday. Players accumulate Garuda feathers in inventory. The feathers can invoke Garuda, which can then only be attacked by rally. Once an alliance has invoked 50 feathers in a week, no more can be used until the next week's event. There are then awards for the entire alliance for the alliance to collect.

There need to be two different components to a Garuda action.

The first would be using the feather from inventory. This would be essentially the same as opening a chest from inventory, it just requires opening the Garuda feather. If the alliance limit has not yet been hit, it will invoke the Garuda and bring you to it on the map. The action should have the option of whether to launch a rally against the Garuda, just leave it, or announce it in alliance chat (much like Vikings).

The second action is to go into the Garuda event page and collect all the rewards.



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    We would add it but we need more informations, screenhots or even an account.

    Please create a ticket and we can discuss this feature.

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