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Backup Instances

Hello guys, I'm trying to figure it out how to move my instances from one pc to another without having to create everything from scratch. What's the best way to do it? copying the emulators from Memu? how to copy the profiles to be able to import them back on new pc?

Thanks and good job with the bot! 



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  • You can move your emulators best by using MEmu:s Export Function which is located inside Multi-Memu. If your instances are old is it recommended to start by running memu Clean Up before beginning the export to reduce the size needed. Both are done from the Multi-Memu menu. See image. 

    Once the export is finished can you move those exported files to your new PC and use the Import function to install them on the new device. 

    Regarding the action profiles in the bot can you save and move the Profiles Folder from your old PC:s GnBots folder to the new one. 


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