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Work Hours & Days

As you are working on Work Hours and Days, I think it will be great that you offer more granularity.

- Not using full hours, reset happens at 00:30, we have to set time to 00:00 to 01:00. The old bot had this capacity but has been removed

- Instead of having one PROFILE for the whole week it will be better to have a profile per day, let's say that I want to have Changing medal only on HERO days, I need to create the action and until all days except during HERO day, which actually from my experience making server crash, I have 100 + farms, and when actions are skipped looks as server hang. Instead, I will have one profile for Thursday, and no need to skip actions on other days



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    these are great suggestions and are in the works already. Our new rule editor allows us to come up with some interesting condition combinations (when and when not to run). The new way will even allow you to specify the exact second you wish to continue the action. We will be adding more things over time based on the feedback. 

    And even better: we have plans to create a similar scheduling/rule manager system for profiles with all sorts of conditions! 

    Thanks and happy botting

  • Sounds great 

  • any updates from Developers on this ? sry for nagging but it is a crucial part in bot

  • Sw3d0c - We are working on it as we speak and agree it is a high priority.

    Expect to see the update soon.  Thanks for your patience

  • The feature is now available with the latest version 5.1.8044.9045

    You can find all the updates in the Changelog here.


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