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Where can I set how long it should stay on each account?

And is “wait” comment for how long until it does this action again?



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    Hey there,

    The bot will stay on each account until all active actions have been completed. 

    You could extend the time by adding "Wait After" through our rules editor if you wish to. 

    The following guide might clear things up for you! But don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions. https://support.gnbots.com/hc/en-us/articles/4417925098775-Set-Custom-Rules-for-Actions 


    Thanks and happy botting!

  • Can we have the option to set a maximum amount of time to be spent on each account? There used to be general settings we had the ability to control on how long to give to start an instance or load the game on the emulator. Are these in a different location now? I understand the timers on actions, but am unsure where these other settings have been moved to. Thank you

  • We have decided to remove these because they created more confusion and problems when changed. 

    The new bot works a bit differently in terms of timeouts, we will see how things go and if we need to address these timeout settings in the future or not. 


    Thanks for the feedback


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