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[Change Log] Major Bot Updates

Here is where we will post major changes and updates.

GnBots 5 will automatically update to the latest version on start.

You do not need to redownload to get these changes.

If the bot does not auto update, please check that your Windows Defender, Anti Virus, Firewall or other security is not blocking the update process.

Be sure to Follow this topic to get notified when updates are made.

Game specific action changes will be posted in their individual game update thread. This is for major bot changes only.



  • Official comment

    Changelog Build/Hotfix 5.1.8184.16520 

    • Fixed a critical issues that caused sessions to stop working after some time
    • Fixed an issue with the latest nox version. We suggest using version in case you still encounter any issues

    Changelog Build 5.1.8211.446 

    • Bug fixes for installer when installing APKs
    • App Installer now opens the play store for games that can't be installed through our automated installer process
    • Fixed critical issue which caused the bot to get stuck 
    • Fixed an issue regarding the settings for emulators and not detecting the right path, even when they were set correctly previously
    • Fixed an issue regarding starting at the first account when pausing the bot
    • Fixed an issue where the installer/bot would close all instances without actually running the bot, to prevent excessive active emulator instances
    • Bot now opens instance one at a time after they all get shutdown due to an issue with the emulator, this should prevent critical crashes due to any extra instances beyond the session limit
    • Fixed issues related to corrupted configs
    • Removed old links to unsupported emulators
    • Bot should pause accounts that didn't successfully complete the auto captcha verification or if there is an issue with the status of our service
    • Nox now uses directx by default on all instances when checked by the health check manager
    • Basic/Trial users can now change the default settings on the free actions


  • Changelog Build 5.1.8044.9045

    • Start From Selected Account should now work as intended in every case
    • New rule type to run only on certain days/hours
    • Select and delete multiple accounts added
    • Fixed a bug where "wait after & close after" rules would block other sessions while waiting
    • Updated several links
    • Made UI adjustments on the accounts tab for managing profiles rather than hiding it
    • Added Dialog to create new profiles which allows you to create an empty profile, clone a profile, or create a profile based on your existing emulator instances(you won't have to spam Add a new account)
    • Added a button to remove profiles
    • We've cleared up the confusion regarding the Start from first & Continue with the last account and made sure it works properly
    • We fixed issues regarding app installer not always working(Known issue: It won't work yet when using Nox as an emulator) - we also plan to add a way to show what the last installed version and the current server version
    • The health check should now closes down all open emulators/multi-manager in order to apply changes correctly and save them. Previously these changes have been overwritten
    • Several fixes for people who had issues starting the bot(Thanks for all the feedback and patience!)
    • Fixed an issue that caused congestion when running more 4 sessions which slowed down the bot significantly. It should be way faster now running multiple sessions. (This may also increase performance on PC with fewer sessions)
  • Changelog 5.1.8051.5666

    • Added helper images for certain actions that require a special building layout
    • Added advanced settings for timeouts
    • Added help button for custom rules
    • Added sidebar collapse
    • Added a warning/confirmation dialog if rules were changed but not added
    • Fixed an issue when trying to create a new profile when default profile wasn't found
    • Fixed an issue with the select profile view
    • Added some more log info if an action is skipped when using rules
    • Added time left info when using skip rule
    • Added batch action timer reset for accounts

    //5.1.8051.29779 - Hotfix 

    • Fixed an issue regarding nox not launching the game

    //5.1.8053.10680 - Hotfix 

    • Fixed a startup issue
  • Changelog 5.1.8076.4049

    • We've fixed stability and crashing issues(thanks for all the detailed reports!)
    • Fixed corrupt profile issue
    • Added booting delay settings for those that wish to start the games slower and avoid overloading the system while the games still boot up before starting the next instance
    • Added better indicator for trial users
    • Added a quick links section in the navigation menu
    • Fixed an issue that increased the risk of instances getting corrupted
    • Fixed an issue that caused the bot to get stuck when all actions get skipped
    • Remote API should be available at all times and not stop working randomly after some days

    Changelog 5.1.8095.14984 Hotfix

    • Fixed an issue that broke the user config
  • Changelog 5.1.8157.3581

    • Added UI to report actions
    • Added Auto Restarter
    • Added Create Report File function
    • Added last installed app version when hovering above the app installer button
    • Added new links to the UI
    • Fixed windows scaling issues
    • Fixed several issues where the bot got stuck permanently
    • Fixed latest Nox version
    • Fixed an issue where the emulator manual path settings didn't load properly
    • Fixed issues with the bot settings config and moved it into the gnbots folder(config.json)
    • Fixed several memu related issues
    • Fixed a bug while installing and switching games
    • Fixed new script functionalities
    • Fixed an issue where cloning actions shared the same timestamps
    • Fixed an issue where boot delay was not working
    • Bot will try to start the same accounts again after memu getting stuck and reboots all instances
  • Changelog 5.1.8171.38994

    • Bot now restarts an account(default 2 times) if it doesn't boot up the first time
    • Added functionality to skip an account after x tries for the rest of the run
    • Added email field to report form
    • When adding new accounts, the last one will be focused to make it clear
    • When stopping the bot it will now tell you if there are any instances/accounts that were not able to boot up for several tries and got disabled(this will help to track down malfunctioning emulator instances)
    • Additional Emulator Instances on startup get closed now(if not used by any of the current sessions) to prevent causing performance bottlenecks during the start process
    • You can now unbind keys within the first time setup wizard, in case you have recently upgraded from old to new version, or changed the PC
    • Fixes an issue where the auto restarter was conflicting with the gntools
    • Fixed an issue where special characters in certain UI elements caused an issue
    • Fixed an issue where the settings file got corrupted (and added a backup)
    • Fixed an issue where some actions shared the same timestamps when cloned
    • Fixed retry single account logic 

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