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Restart Tries

Can you plz add restart tries setting to 5.0 like the old bot had.

if error happens it doesn't try to restart that session but shutdowns and skips to the next one :(



  • What kind of restarts and in what case? 
    On Same Screen Timeout, Activity Timeout, Booting Timeout, or during script errors? 

    And what do you think it should do in those cases. Restart the app only or the instance? 

    Let me know what it is doing now and how you prefer it to behave. I will check if we can adjust it! :)


    As always thanks for the feedback 

  • Ezy restart X tries when Activity Timeout or Booting Timeout happends. just like old bot did. then it restart session

  • 2022-01-15 23:02:39.691 +01:00 [INF] WARNING|7d4ea072185b4191|First Image timeout. Restarting.
    2022-01-15 23:02:39.691 +01:00 [INF] WARNING|Main|First Image timeout. Restarting. [Sheri]


    bot says restarting but i actually dont , it simply shut down and start next one. old bot we could set it to retry X times . i wish we could do it on 5.0 to

  • Hello,

    the requested feature has already been added



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