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[Rise of Empires] Refill Frontline Workshop RoC


a refill from the Frontlines would be great.

Search for Institute of War -> Honor -> Territory -> Harvest (down)

Then: Tab Honor Structure -> Click on "Production"

Click on the first icon up -> stop 
Down you have "Select a meterial to process" (and here in the settings it would be great, if we could choose from Pos. 1 (Food) - Pos. 6 (Iron)).
Now click on the tap from the settings (example Food), then down the button "start production".

The pro option would be, if you could select the slot and the material differently.
Like a pulldown for the slot and a checkbox for the material.
So we could refill Slot 1 with Food, Slot 2 with Iron etc (with copy the task)...that would be really great.

Now continue with 2nd icon up, then 3rd up etc (i am sure, you can identify if there is a 3rd, 4th etc...if no 3rd - no need to waste time for the 4th in this run....)

All this masks are static, so i guess it would be very simple to implement.




  • Official comment

    We are happy to inform that we have added the Refill Frontline Workshop for RoC. 

    Be sure to follow your specific game update post so you get an email notification when we make changes!

  • Thanks for the suggestion! We have added this request to the to-do list and will do our best to get it added as soon as possible. Be sure to follow the Important Updates section for notification when its released

  • Quick suggestion. The Frontline Action is GREAT, however it only fills the first 'workshop'. There are options for up to 5 workshop slots.

    Also mid-way through the video you can see how I stop re-filling and go to the 'Territory' tab and 'Harvest'. It would be AMAZING if the bot would do that before re-filling the workshop slots.



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