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Which Game Version?

How do I see if I need to update to a new game version? 



  • The built in  "APP Installer" (Puzzle Button) will always install the correct version that works with the bot.

    You can check what game version we are using by running the Installer again on a new instance.

    After it installs, go into your Emulator and see what game version it is.

    Compare that number (game version) to the number you have on other instances. 

    If the one we are installing is different than your other instances, you will want to update those to match the version we are pushing through the installer.

  • okey.. so you dont see unless you try upgrade once in a while?


  • We try not to update the game versions often, and only as required by the game or crucial features.  This ensures you won't have to reinstall or update the game frequently.

    If there was a big update and you fear there may have been some changes that the bot needs, it would be a good idea to check there.  Otherwise, you are most likely on the correct game version (as long as you used our installer and didn't update the game on the emulator).

    It is more likely that "Auto Update Apps" were not turned off during the account creation - and you are actually on a higher version than the bot. In that case, you will want to un-install the game and use our installer to put the correct version back.

  • oh my bot is working.. i am just woundering if there is a way when you upgrade the games to see it. 

    but then i know i have to test once and a while.


  • Not currently.  We will look into somehow adding that feature in coming updates.

    Thanks again.


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