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Window Minimizing & Scaling

How do I keep the GN Bot Main Window from shrinking down to 1/4 of my screen? I have to close the entire thing down and reboot the program to make it full screen again. The window will not stretch it's contents or fill the page when restored. It just stays small and thus makes the menus impossible to read as they overlap. 





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    If you are running your Windows computer on a high resolution display, for instance one of those brand new 4K displays, you may have notice that the bot does not scale as well.

    Check out this "Windows Scaling" article and try some of the scaling options.

    Please let us know what you find as the solution.

    We will ensure to link this post later for anyone else who has issues with scaling and sizing.


  • I tried changing the properties of the program and so far so good... here is what I changed....


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