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Auto Updates


How will you rollout the Changelog Build 5.1.8040.4063?

Do we have to redownload it?



  • The bot auto updates on its own when you open it on a lesser version.

    You do not need to re-download.  Simply restart the bot.

  • The bot .34159

    Your changelog says: 5.1.8040.4063

    Bot doesn't update with the update-building feature
    Also on your download page, the zip is still the old version.

  • Lidiya - If the bot is not auto updating on its own, that means something on your PC is blocking it from doing so.  It will always attempt to update to the latest version on start.

    Please check your Anti Virus / Firewall and Windows Defender settings to ensure it doesn't block the automatic update process.

    I went ahead and replaced the official download with the latest version.  Please try to download it again and see if it is now the correct version for you.  You may also submit your log files to us in a Ticket and we will tell you what exactly is blocking the update on your PC.  Thanks


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