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[Rise Of Kingdoms] Gem Farm & Sessions Settings

I think it would be good if for each season, we can choose which account runs and run only the account chosen. Then we can organize the different kinds of farms and the timing.

Another thing is the Gems Farm. Its impossible to farm gems with another 20 accounts (will farm only 100-200 gems for the day so better to not use them for that). For this we need to have the possibility to choose which accounts run for each session.

Also is not productive to wait for the troops to come back to the city and resend. It needs to run only with that account on at all times and not wait for the troops to come back. It should stop the troops and find new gem spots and send again. When all 5 troops are sent, it will find next spot and every 2 mins check if some troops returned, then it will send to the spot it already found.

I think that the number of session can be more (depends on computer power).  In my case I could run 12 sessions at the same time my with hardware.




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