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MEmu Play Android 5.1

I'm using memu play android 5.1 on my old GN launcher and I want to know is it important to change my instance to android 7.1


  • No.  Android 7.1 is recommended with the new GnBots 5 which is faster and more stable.

    Any old versions should stick with old versions of Android 5.1

  • Now I'm updating to Gnbote 5 could I stay with android 5.1

    or with this update I must used 7.1 .

  • And is there any way to change it without deleting the memu play and download it again coz now I have just one option 5.1 .😰😰😰😰

  • We highly recommend creating new instances on Android 7.1 with GnBots 5.

    It is faster and more stable than ever.  You don't want to bring in old slower instances into the new bot.

    It will only slow it down and negatively affect performance.

    You need to follow the MEmu install tutorial here to get the correct version of MEmu play.

  • Thank you bro

  • I updated the Gnbots, but the memu is still the 5.1. I updated that, i beleive; however now when I try and add more accounts it keeps saying that theres something wrong with google play to try and switch my account.


  • joseph Szillat - MEmu instances cannot be updated - they must be created initially with the correct Android version. To update to Android 7.1, please delete your old 5.1 instances and create new Android 7.1 instances.  You can search MEmu errors on their official support center for solutions to any errors you may run into with their emulator.

  • ok when im trying to create a new one using the 7.1.. it will not let me link my game account via google play

  • Update Google play games

    Then from main screen in your MEmu instance
    Step 1: Click on settings
    Step 2: Click on apps
    Step 3: Click on google play services
    Step 4: Click on manage space
    Step 5: Click on clear all data

    Allow it to load for few moments then restart your instance

    Open google play games and allow it to fully load.

    This should fix your issue


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