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Google Authentication Problem?

Congratulations on upgrading the version of GNbot 5.

I am a customer who uses both the server version and the PC version license.

After hearing the news of GNBOTS5, I am trying to close the server version and move all my accounts to the PC version.

But when MEMU asks you to register a Google account, it says, "We've detected universal activity on this account. Enter phone number to get a verification code by text message."

Several accounts were registered and processed with my cell phone number, but I have multiple accounts.Is there a way to authenticate the remaining accounts?






  • I would recommend using another phone number or searching online for a sms provider that you could use. Google does this at times, where you need to verify the gmail account.

    Adding your phone number as a recovery phone number to your Gmail accounts also helps in preventing this.

  • I have got past and now being told to verify age through a url.


    what do i do please?


  • These are google procedures.  You will need to verify them however they ask. There is no real trick to it. Unfortunately we cannot control google and their requirements.

    If they need you to verify age through a url, then we suggest you do that.


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