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Trial Period

The bot stopped suddenly and I could not use the trial period



  • Select the Correct Instance at the top of the Action Editor so the bot knows which instance in Multi Memu you are trying to run.

    It does not look like that is the Default Instance you are showing in the background of your image.

    There is no trial period.  You can run the bot with the limited features on the trial version forever.

  • I have been looking for a bot for a long time. If this bot works without the account being banned, I will buy it of course

  • Great! If you have any issues, please feel free to create a ticket.  Thanks

  • I am using the trial but what limited features work? it says they are all premium features, I have run it for 3 days and have not seen anything happen at all?

  • Kiwidee - Within the Action Editor you will see Actions with and without the King symbol (crown) as shown in the image below.  The Crown means it is a premium feature.  You may use any of the ones without that symbol for as long as you like.

    If you click Start and don't see the bot performing actions within MEmu, then you don't have something set up correctly and should see the logs.

    Please ensure you follow the setup guide here for complete details. You may create a ticket if you need further assistance getting started.  Thanks


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