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No active accounts loaded?

On RoE whenever I try to start the bot it gives me this error (no active accounts loaded), what does this mean?



  • I have the same issue trying to use on Rise Of Kingdoms. I've done everything as it says to, but it won't work. It has never asked for login information though so I'm wondering if that has something to do with it.

  • I'm using Nox. But there is a "multi-drive" or multi-instance-manager. should be installed onto the desktop with the nox logo. Open that and make sure you have that box checked next to 0. I changed it to android 9 64 bit. But you have to have that box checked or when you press the start button, it doesn't link to the emulator. Once it's checked, when you press start, it will launch the emulator and the game (assuming you've got the game installed on that particular linked emulator and your account has already been loaded.


    good luck

  • Make sure that you add the accounts into Multi MEmu or Nox Multi Instance Manager before adding them to the bot. If you have done that already please create a ticket so we can further investigate what's going on. 


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