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[King Of Avalon] Update Stores

Can we get an update to the Alliance store, spire store and undead trader store etc...




  • watching this, would also like to see development

  • I have a request for this as well. I have also included all of the items listed that should be on the list. The more votes or comments we get the better chance we have to get it added

  • Hi any update on when this can be updated ?

  • We have added items for the Solar Spire. 

    Be sure to follow your specific game update post so you get an email notification when we make changes!

  • Thank you Bonnie....  please update the lunar stores as im in Lunar lol :-)

  • I know its alot to ask but can the stores be updated and can you add Knights of the lake to this list as well

  • solar alliance shops have been non-functional for over a year now

  • alot of my bots have like 2million shop credits because they aren't buying anything lol

  • Tell me about it, months I have been asking for the alliance store to be updated, I think it is 5 or 6 manuscripts out of date :-)  I have sent lists of the new items and old items no longer available but still no updates.  Shame as the alliance store is where so many of the items are to level up.


  • Hey @bonnie and dev team, with the announcement of the server merging, please update this as soon as possible. My bots do not purchase the 8hr shield from the store. We need to start stockpiling shields because the merge will bring much conflict.

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