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Game Version

How do I know whether I am running the correct version of the game. In GNBots 4 it used to tell you in the running log. 



  • Once you install using the bots game installer, you will never need to update unless the game forces it.  At which time you will see when you log in to the game "update required" and know that an update is needed within the installer.  The bot will not be able to run and it will be obvious.

    If your accounts are able to log in and the bot is working - you know you are on the correct version.  The only time you would not is if you installed manually via MEmu which will cause the bot to fail.

    If you'd like to double check manually, you can redownload on a test account using the installer and check the game version in MEmu.  As long as that matches all of your other accounts then you know you are on the right version still.

    Again, we don't update until the game forces it - and then it will be obvious to you.  We are also working on built in features in the bot that will tell you the version installed automatically so you can compare it.

  • How do you update within the installer?

  • Its always important to know what game you are playing.

    To install on all games.

    1. Click right click on one of your instances. *in this area 


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