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Bot wont install app

I select an account, select update app, it starts the instance on memo, then says operation cancelled. When I look at the log it says that  App Installation on [vm name] finished. 

It will not work for any of my accounts.  This is PC version, latest GnBots 5.1.8089.15737

This was working on the previous methods to update, I have just moved to GnBots 5 and I cant even get the app to install.  I have configured my account license key, I have set the game to last shelter. If I select all VMs and install app, indicates its experimental, but it does the same, runs up the VM then cancels the operation and the log reports that it has finished the app install. 

I need to get this running asap, is there anything I can look into to understand why this is now working




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  • OK, I seem to have found a way to fix this, if I set an action then it will run up and install the app. Without having any actions it will cancel the operation. I think that this is a bug and seems backwards, why would you have any operations set if you do not have the game installed yet. 


    Anyway, I have now successfully installed the app on the VMs using this method.


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