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Updating to GnBots 5

Hello. I'm not great with tech, it took me along time to set up Menu and GNbot. Is it as simple as deleting the old GNbot folder and downloading the new one off the website? Thanks


  • You will have to set everything back up again.  We also recommend creating new MEmu instances.  While GnBots 5 is faster and more stable, it will be like you are starting from scratch.  We wouldn't recommend it unless you have the time and ability to redo everything.

    Here are the install instructions if you'd like to take a look.

  • Thank you. All downloaded and seems to be working. Only thing I was slightly confused by was where do I set up the multi farms. I use to set up the accounts in Memu and when I opened the old GNBot they would automatically be there. Is this not needed anymore?

  • Please use the search feature to find quick answers to your questions.

    Here is the guide on adding accounts.

  • Thank you. I've looked through all the guides and I can't seem to find the default button that copied the selected actions to other farms. Could you point me in the directly please.

  • You can run actions multiple times using the "Copy" feature to Duplicate Actions.

    Copy Actions & Manage Profiles


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