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How to stop auto update

GnBots.exe will not start after update.
I have downloaded the latest GnBots from the server, and Copied over the GnBOts.exe file. When this is started it will open but then goes and does an automatic update. Once the update is completed, the screens close down. On double clicking the GnBot.exe file again nothing happens. Anti Virus and Firewalls are off.

How can i stop the auto update because this is what seems to be causing the issue



  • You cannot stop the auto update.  Things will not work correctly if there is a version mismatch.

    You cannot extract just the .exe nor copy it over.  You don't need to redownload at all.

    If you're downloading it new, simply extract the entire folder and run the .exe (all files must be there).

    If you are updating, use the auto update features built it - don't redownload.

    If you have done all of this and are still having issues - it is because either you are not running it as an administrator, or something on your PC is blocking the file from opening. 

    Some firewalls and anti viruses will not turn off fully and will still block the connection to the auth server.   You may try removing them completely to test if that is the problem - then using the whitelist options to allow the software after.

  • i have the same problem . and i do the same steps and gnbot5 keep not start even with administrator privilege's.

    (i dont have antivirus and i disable windows defender already) 

  • Hello, please remove any previous version and redownload the latest bot version directly from here

    Thanks and happy botting


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