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[Rise of Kingdoms] Use Gems for second builder

It would be really helpful if there were an option to use gems to purchase the second builder, as it only stays active for a couple of days until VIP 6.



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    Thanks for the suggestion! We have added this request to the to-do list and will do our best to get it added as soon as possible. Be sure to follow the Important Updates section for notification when its released

  • I think this is very helpful and i think second builder is not used at all even when active?

  • From what I can tell if you have it set to prioritize the city hall upgrade path, it will upgrade two buildings at a time until It gets down to one building it can upgrade. Then, rather than upgrade something else while it upgrades the one building (often several levels), it just lets the builder sit idle.

  • Once I get all my farms to 22, I’ll change it to upgrade all and I feel confident it will use both builders regularly.

  • This have been added! Thanks for the request!


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