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[Rise of Kingdoms] Sunset Canyon Attacks

It would be helpful if there were an ability to send attacks in Sunset Canyon. Win/loss doesn't matter at all. Each attack, win or lose, gives the same rewards. This is one of the only natural ways to get equipment materials, and is pretty important. If it were just setup so that it would just attack the bottom of the 5 attack options, that would be fine. There's no need to move troop placements or anything like that. Should be a pretty simple setup, relative to other options the bot uses.



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    Thanks for the suggestion! We have added this request to the to-do list and will do our best to get it added as soon as possible. Be sure to follow the Important Updates section for notification when its released

  • Yes, and it would be nice to setup who to attack also.

  • Agree , this is really need

  • This have been added! Thanks for the request!


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