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How Shuffle Works

Hello, when we select Shuffle, it seems we have to do it for each account?  How are the account executed when some are selected for shuffle and some not?



  • Yes correctly, you can select for each account if you want that account to shuffle the actions or not. It will Shuffle the selected actions you have selected for that account. The Shuffle doesn't shuffle between the accounts order. 

  • Oh!  How does this help?  There are some actions that cannot be done out of order.  For example, "Explore" cannot be done before all worker tasks are completed.

    In another similar question, you replied to add two accounts for the same castle, where one instance runs with shuffle on, and other with shuffle off.  Does it mean to have 2 separate Memu instances logging into the same game account?

  • You can use the same MEmu emulator for multiple accounts in the bot. You can select the instance inside the Action editor.

  • Would it be possible to make a grouping of certain actions, to be taken into account when doing the shuffling? Like bappi said, some actions require available workers (like doing the refill actions before the explore), and some actions require an available apc. Is it possible to group worker-actions and apc-actions so they are done in the right order within the group, but shuffle the rest of the actions? If that could be done, I would finally start using the shuffle option.

  • This might get added in the future but currently can you if you like divide the actions in two different accounts in the bot where you shuffle the needed actions but not the other. For example: Account 1: Refill, explore etc then Account 2: other actions that you want shuffled. 

  • While what you suggest may be possible, but can you tell us how it will work when we have 2 or 3 instances running simultaneously?

  • The bot can handle that, it's not going to be a problem! You can use the same emulator at multiple accounts in the bot, it will not try to open them until the emulator is free to use. 


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