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New Wait vs Old Wait

The the earlier version of GNBot for Rise of Empires, the "wait" had a "min" and "max" setting, which allowed randomization.  I don't seem to find it now.  I am running 2 instances at the same time, for 47 accounts, and the bot finishes each cycle in roughly 8 hours.  I think the old setting helped my scenario, so that each account closes after 1-10 mins of idle time, which would make the cycle to 12 hours.  Can you bring that back please?



  • The new bot have a function called Close Instance and Wait after where you can achieve the same result. If you want the cycle to take another 4 hours can you set it to 5 minutes for example on each account. You can see instructions in this link: Rules Guide

  • Yes, but I like the randomness that was there when we did "wait" before.  Say I want to add 1-10 mins, which would make it on average 5 mins, but now there was additional randomness into the behaviour.  Can you please bring that feature back?

  • We currently have no plans to bring this old feature back, but may do so one day in the future. Thanks


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