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Action Timer behavior question

Do the Action timers run as an "if all are met, then run action" or as a "if any are met, then run action"?

Specifically, I'm trying to set an action to run only between EITHER 4am and 10am or 3pm and 10pm. If I set two "Only run on"s for '04:00 to 10:00' and '15:00 to 22:00' will this block my action ("if all" will never happen) or will this work ("if any" will work)?

This also comes up with Only Run Ons that crossover midnight (server time.) I need two timers, one for 15:00 to 23:59 and one for 00:00 to 05:00. But if the bot has to have all of the timer conditions met to run the action, this set up will always prevent the action.

Additionally, if the action is successfully run during either period, I also want it to skip a day. So there is a "skip 1 day" third timer. This become even more problematic as I need the Only Run Ons to be "or"s and the Skip to be "and." In other words, "Only run between 4am and 10am OR 3pm and 10pm AND if Skip=0".




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  • Yes, currently will it block the action. However the developers are working on an update regarding this. 

    Currently can you solve it by copying the action and put one rule per action if you use the Only run at specific times and days action. You can view this guide on how to use the rules. This will however not solve it for you currently with the  one day skip, but that is being worked at by the developers. 


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