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[Updates] Age of Origin

Here is where we will post major changes and updates for Age of Origin

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Required Game Settings

Remember: For our bots to work correctly, you need to go into each of your accounts and change your game LANGUAGE to ENGLISH.  The bots only speak English and will not detect many of the game buttons if in other languages. The Accounts must also be Level 5 or Higher to work.

Set Activate to consume less better to ON.

Set the Graphics to Low. 


Resource Lines

Set your resource plots as shown in the image below so the bot can easily find them.



  • Official comment

    [3/21/2023]  Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Troop Training
    - Improved Building Upgrade

  • [11/27/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Delete Mail

  • [12/02/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Activate 8 Hour VIP

  • [12/23/2022] Game Update

    • Updated Game Compatibility for Latest Version
    • Please Update Using the Bot App Installer
  • [1/6/2023]  Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Upgrade
    - Improved Alliance Functions (Gather, Support etc)
    - Corrected March Count Function
    - Improved Attack Monsters
    - Improved Upgrades
    - Improved Collect Productions
    - Improved Depot

  • [1/17/2023] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Alliance Fort
    - Improved Use Speed ups

  • [2/1/2023]  Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Ruins
    - Improved Send to Fort
    - Improved Elite Zombie
    - Improved Commander Skills
    - Improved Upgrade Building

  • [2/10/2023]  Bug Fixes:

    - Improved  Garage
    - Improved Alliance Fort
    - Added Purchases in the Distribution Center
    - Added Formation
    - Corrected Send Troops Actions

  • [2/18/2023]  Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Upgrade Mainhall

  • [3/1/2023]  Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Force March for Elite Mines
    - Improved Transfer

  • [5/3/2023] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Healing

  • [14/3/2023] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Troop Training


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