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[Updates] State of Survival

Here is where we will post major changes and updates for Sate of Survival

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Required Game Settings

Remember: For our bots to work correctly, you need to go into each of your accounts and change your game LANGUAGE to ENGLISH.  The bots only speak English and will not detect many of the game buttons if in other languages. The Accounts must also be Level 5 or Higher to work.


Game Layout

When you move to world view and return to city view make sure to follow this layout


Plasma Center Layout


Change Character

To switch Governors or Cites for State of Survival click on the Gear Icon and enter which account you want to use 1, 2, 3 etc. 




  • Official comment

    [3/21/2023]  Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Clear Zombies
    - Improved Research
    - Improved Marches to Gathering
    - Improved Use Skills

  • [11/01/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Corrected Use Resources with Upgrade Buildings
    - Improved Research
    - Improved Use Experience for Hero Upgrades
    - Corrected Explorer 

  • [11/05/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Explorer
    - Improved Intel Missions

  • [11/06/2022] Game Update

    • Updated Game Compatibility for Latest Version
    • Please Update Using the Bot App Installer
  • [11/10/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Troop Training
    - Improved Incubator
    - Improved Shelter
    - Improved Daily Actitivies
    - Corrected Switch Character
    - Improved Hero Upgrade
    - Improved Use Buffs
    - Improved Healing
    - Corrected Bot Not Gathering due to Game Update
    - Improved Use Resources Items for Upgrade or Research
    - Corrected Autoshield

  • [11/13/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Collect Sign In Reward
    - Improved Use Skils

  • [11/20/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Collect of Stash Reward and Stamina Supplies
    - Improved Explorer Missions
    - Improved Plasma Collection

  • [11/23/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Hero Search at Daily Activities
    - Improved Clear Zombies inside the Base
    - Improved Explorer Mission 

  • [11/27/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Reward Stash
    - Improved Wall Repair

  • [12/02/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Gather Resources

  • [12/16/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Tile Search

  • [1/6/2023] Game Update

    • Updated Game Compatibility for Latest Version
    • Please Update Using the Bot App Installer
    • Make sure to use OpenGL render mode for MEmu

    [1/6/2023]  Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Daily Activities
    - Improved Alliance Store
    - Improved Use Skills


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